Vive Le haïk
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Mary Magdalene
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A great song (of which I have zero understanding of, sadly) recently sent to me by a follower on twitter. 

Beautiful video! 

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All Africa, All the time.

saw her live last summer in Essaouira, she is incredible, this song makes me emotional.

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Kye Kye /// Honest Affection (Official Music Video)

This song is sooooo goooooooooooood

I am so in love with this song and video. I stopped listening to synthpop awhile ago. The last remotely electronic thing I band I got into was Sally Shaprio but Kye Kye wow love love warm synth love.

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#dorothyday #reformer and agitator - writer and founder of NYCs the Catholic worker - newspaper, soup kitchen. From an incredible book #thelifeyousavemightbeyourown
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Wolves have a basic aversion to fighting and will do much to avoid any aggressive encounters.

It has been observed that a socialized wolf had become frantically upset upon witnessing its first dog fight. The distressed wolf intervened and eventually broke up the fight by pulling the aggressor off by the tail.

David Mech and Luigi Boitani, “Wolves: Behavior, ecology, and conservation”, 2003
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Why is
self love
considered to be

Michelle K., This is Not a Revolution (via michellekpoems)

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Often, in an immigrant family, it’s a very big departure for a child to say: I want to be an artist, not a doctor, not a lawyer, or an engineer. The father, here, tells his daughter what so many immigrant parents tell their children: Art is not the safest route in life. We didn’t sacrifice all this for you to take up a precarious profession.He tries to comfort her, at the same time, by insisting that being an immigrant makes her an artist already. And this is a fascinating notion: that re-creating yourself this way, re-creating your entire life is a form of reinvention on par with the greatest works of literature. This brings art into the realm of what ordinary people do to in order to survive. It takes away the notion that art is too lofty for the masses, and puts it in the day-to-day. I’ve never seen anyone connect being an artist and an immigrant so explicitly, and for me it was a revelation.

Edwidge Danticat, All Immigrants are Artists. (via sirilaf)

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