Yeah I am on the couch listening to Moz when I should be out enjoying Marrakech but my feet hurt so whatever.

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This is my favorite
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Fritz Klimsch
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Literally cannot listen to this song without dancing. 

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Things people need to stop asking/ saying to me and other Africans (non-African POCs & white people we're tired, just stop now) ↘


1) STOP asking me what your name is in African (African is not a language)

2) STOP asking me whether or not you can join my tribe (we don’t want you, if you aren’t apart of the African diaspora then you’re not welcome)

3) STOP asking me why I speak English so well

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Couple d’Orientaux by Tunisian painter Aly Ben Salem (1910-2001)
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do u think aggressive white athiests can ever understand that for many people of color not only our belief in a deity but also our organized religious spaces are essential sources of comfort and strength when facing the institutionalized and cultural racism thrown at us every day?

that abandoning our faith would mean assimilating into a culture that actively dehumanizes us?

spoiler alert:  no

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Depeche Mode - Strangelove (Japan)
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The last mistress
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